Nobuko Izawa’s Artwork On Display Through December 25

Entitled “Each Day is Yours,” we’re pleased to present a selection of works from artist Nobuko Izawa now through December 25.

“Twinkling of stars in the sky, the scent of clear air, the sound of wind heard from somewhere. If you can think every single ordinary day is every miracle, it will be the perfect gift to you.” — Tamaki Kitamura, Art Coordinator

About Nobuko Izawa, Illustrator

Graduated from art department of Tsukuba University and Setsu Mode Seminar School.

She feels she becomes a filter when she draws pictures looking at things and feeling something. She believes she can create her artworks through her filter with her senses she experienced; capturing a moment, joking, making people laugh or making artworks cool.

Notes for Viewing the Artwork

  • You can view the artworks displayed by free of charge.
  • The works are also displayed in our membership lounge. Please let our staff know if you would like to look at them. The lounge is open as a bar after 9 p.m. (Please order your drink during the bar time.)
  • For viewing the artworks in Coconoma Season Dining (business hours: 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.), please order meals or beverages and pay attention to other guests.

For inquiries or reservations, please call Coconoma Season Dining at 03-5771-2472. Exhibition organized by Toru Yamamoto, Art Director and Takaki Kitamura, Art Coordinator.

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